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Nobilia – Picking up on the mood

As we move toward a new year the focus for some will be on improving their domestic set-up and decor. It’s a time to investigate the innovations and products that are primed to hit the market in January – along with their accompanying hues, tones and shades. Whilst many colours will always be timeless there are others that come and go with each year, as a result of new interpretations surface as to what works best in our homes. These choices relate to or are a reaction against the wider cultural landscape ­and reflect the zeitgeist of the epoch; for example, the Arts and Crafts movement in mid-19th century Britain was a reaction against a perceived decline in standards that was associated with machinery and factory production. These movements and trends arise out of how we are feeling at a given moment; they then go on to influence our buying habits and manufacturers’ responses to our predilections. It tends to be a symbiotic relationship with neither maker nor buyer having primacy.

With 2023 coming to fruition, certain end-of-year questions arise out of a reassessment of where we’re at – are we feeling upbeat and joyful right now, or are we seeking out comfort and reassurance? Whichever one it is, it will be reflected in our buying habits. It’s difficult to predict and not an exact science but as a manufacturer, it is something that you will rue if you don’t pick up on the mood.

In the broad sense, when it comes to home furnishings, it seems that we are still seeking reassurance from our surroundings. The resurgence of greens over the last few years, following on from Covid, can be viewed as a result of our broadening awareness of the importance and nurturing role the outdoor world plays in supporting our psychological health. We are very much aware of the positive effects of organic design, which incorporates as many natural materials and elements as possible. At the same time, we seem to be paying more attention to sustainability in our interiors, choosing eco-friendly paints whilst making fewer wholesale changes.

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024

Creative impulses

Even in an environment of uncertainty creativity will find a way to flourish. In the world of kitchen manufacturing, Nobilia are a recognised innovator who has built a very successful business by responding well to the spirit of the time. This could be seen at their recent in-house exhibition that took place in September and October in Verl, Germany. The motto for this year’s show was ‘be inspired’ – showcasing versatile design, innovative functions and unique customisation options. It was conceived to act as a catalyst for those seeking to incorporate the latest colours and materials to produce unique interiors.

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024

New fronts

The front styles for 2024 sit firmly on tried and trusted basics – warm colours and soft pastel tones in the major types of materials. In all, nine new fronts have been added to the collection. Colour choices hint toward a connection to the outdoors with a leaning toward the minimal for ease of maintenance.

The new Senso fronts feature an improved anti-fingerprint coating offering a greater resistance to external factors combined with an intense depth of colour. They’ve also expanded their high-quality matt lacquer programme with additional front colours for 2024. In addition to the top-selling alpine white (particularly suitable for open-plan designs) and slate grey, two pastel colours – coral and jade – have been added to the range which is particularly suitable for monochrome designs but also in stylish combinations. Jade refreshes kitchen designs and comes into its own particularly well when used for large surfaces. A marble treatment for worktops, wall cladding or niches look especially good when combined with this colour.

Speed and Laser models have also benefitted from some further thought and are now combined in one pricing group, livening up the entry-level segment. The Laser black concrete selection is now offered as a handleless option with taupe grey being added to the 2024 range bringing the total number of choices up to eight.

The trend for high-quality lacquer fronts continues with the Novalux range receiving a makeover as a consequence. With its tall height and aesthetic appeal, these fronts in alpine white exude first-class quality. Matte grey slate elements such as the worktop and the niche cladding highlight the minimalist lines of this design.

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024


All of Nobilia’s kitchen worktops have one thing in common – even after years of use, they all retain their outstanding good looks and dependable stability. They already come in a plethora of colours and textures that reflect the natural world. The range is set to be expanded for 2024 with two new choices in marble reproduction (venato nero and bianco) and two in wood (natural walnut and master oak).

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024

Environment and Design

With our awareness of the environment and the impact that human activity is having upon the planet’s systems, Nobilia’s corporate responsibility has merited an assessment of the whole production cycle. From the sourcing of raw materials, the adoption of environmentally friendly supply chains through to sustainable production techniques they have looked at every way to lessen their footprint. A good example is Nobilia’s development of their patented and multi-award-winning Xtra Ceramic. The most important difference between their material and the industry standard is that they use a very thin ceramic layer. This considerably reduces the environmental impact in production, as ceramic requires a firing temperature of over 1000°C. 

The thinner the ceramic layer, the less energy is needed for the firing process. But even with six millimetres of thickness, the layer is so strong that all positive material properties such as heat and scratch resistance are still maintained. The intelligent combination of the ceramic with foam glass and a glass-fibre stabilising layer also makes the product extremely stable. This minimises much of the potential transport damage and resulting resource and energy-intensive repeat production.

Nobilia Kitchen Trends for 2024

New Kitchen Features for 2024 

The new Case type range opens up additional customised design options for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Whether as a colourful accent, beautiful storage space expansion or simply to create more space for your favourite items, Case units and shelf inserts let you create matching interiors. 

Taro design shelves offer new customisable furnishing options for unit interiors and can be integrated in shelf units, base units and tall units. Five different variants are available. Thanks to the attractive material combination of black metal, solid wood, and black glass, Taro design shelves feature an impressively unique look and are perfect for a matching design across rooms.

For 2024, the Nobilia appliance range will be expanded with two additional, familiar brands. NEFF and Liebherr strengthen the overall selection with their extensive offering of quality ovens, hobs, fridges and freezers.   

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024

New living features 2024

The Nobilia 2024 Living range has some worthy highlights including a new dining table series with four different models, matching upholstered chairs and their new Dakar coffee table.

The bathroom collection for 2024 is supplemented by new solutions in the occasional furniture and accessories segment. A new installation solution for mirrored cabinets, a full-length mirrored cabinet with a height of 1296 mm and additional hand basins top off the extensive range of bathroom products.  

Nobilia kitchen trends for 2024

The new year

As 2024 approaches Nobilia will be ready to meet the demands of the market with innovative solutions matched by considerations for the planet. If you wish to explore further then contact Kitchen Kit – we’re happy to help! 

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