Receieve 20% off all NEFF appliances and 30% off Venting Hobs from brands such as Bosch, NEFF and Siemens!

On the 28th October 2023, Kitchen Kit is going to be chock full of NEFF appliances for our customers to see. Throughout the day, you are invited to explore our showroom and all the amazing kitchens and appliances that we have to offer. Not to mention, our NEFF Home Economist will be live cooking in the showroom kitchen throughout the day, talking through the functions and features of the NEFF appliances that are available, like the steam oven and venting hobs. To top it off, if you purchase a kitchen on the day, you can receive 20% off all NEFF appliances and 30% off Venting Hobs from brands such as Bosch, NEFF and Siemens!

The kitchen is a staple in the home. It’s where we all meet as a family, where friends gather, and where stories are shared. It should be a room that inspires, comforts, and makes your life easier, and this is where we come in. Our fantastic team at Kitchen Kit understands the need for simplicity, and for ingenuity, design and style to be at the forefront of any new kitchen design. A kitchen that exudes your personality as an individual and as a family, however that family may be. And as we drift slowly but surely into the colder months, where time indoors will become more frequent, we believe it’s the perfect time to invest in your kitchen, and in your home. Even more so when you have high-performance NEFF appliances streamlining your life, and especially with that 20% off. 

NEFF Integrated OvensExplore our steam ovens

Our Full Steam oven combines all of the heating modes of a full-feature oven with those of a steam cooker, all in one appliance! This new age steam oven system is ideal for intensifying those

 flavours and preserving the nutrients of your favourite meals. This technology is designed to provide healthy and delicious results when cooking all kinds of foods, from fish to vegetables to desserts! It’s so simple to operate, just refill the one litre water container, and off you go, ready to enjoy healthy cooking at its finest. 

If design is something you like to consider, then you’ll love that all Full Steam ovens are available with the unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door feature, so no more weaving to avoid that hot open oven door! Sliding seamlessly under the oven cavity, the fully retractable door increases optimum space in any kitchen. 

The future of ventilation

The 2-in-1 Hob and Hood is finally here! This leap in kitchen technology grants a freedom in kitchen design like never before. Gone are the days of intrusive, obstructive, unattractive extractor fan hoods. This integrated cooktop ventilation system allows you to reclaim your space in the kitchen. The NEFF Venting Hob is set to create the stylish and sociable kitchen that you’ve always dreamt of. 

This is the pinnacle of NEFF appliances, as this FlexInduction Venting Hob allows you to place the hob wherever you want, be it on the kitchen island or in front of the window. Thanks to the removal of the oven hood, there is nothing to block your view anymore. This also comes with a stylish cast-iron grate to place over your new hob, doubling up as a pan rest too, whilst protecting your newly installed hob, even when it’s on. 

Join us on the 28th October and you can receive 30% off Venting Hobs from Bosch, Siemens and NEFF!

NEFF appliances at your fingertips

Here at Kitchen Kit, it’s not just ovens and hobs that have us excited. We have a range of integrated appliances such as microwaves, fridges, freezers and dishwashers, to name but a few. With a whole host of kitchen appliances to choose from, you can redesign your entire space with products that will make your life a living dream, removing any unnecessary niggles, so you are free to let your culinary creativity flow.

Visit us!

Why not check out the NEFF inspiration brochure before you stop by the showroom, so you can get a head start on planning your kitchen renovation? There are so many incredible ideas that are now a possibility, and our team at Kitchen Kit can’t wait to help you begin your journey. Get ready to visit us at our showroom for our NEFF appliance extravaganza, and go away with the kitchen you’ve always wanted, along with some incredible NEFF appliances, not forgetting that 20% off! We look forward to seeing you.

Live Cooking Event with NEFF!

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