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Living and bedroom furniture, top tips for stylish solutions

Discover the essence of home – a versatile sanctuary where work, relaxation, and socialising converge. Explore our guide to selecting functional yet stylish living room and bedroom furniture which effortlessly accommodates your needs.

Home is more than just a physical space; it is a sanctuary where we carry out all manner of tasks. In the modern world it serves as an office, a haven of relaxation and a place for socialising. It must be dynamic and adaptable to suit every aspect of life. Crafting our interiors so that we can do all these things effortlessly is more important now than it’s ever been. 

At the heart of every inviting and comfortable room lies the choice of functional living and bedroom furniture. But how do we choose the right pieces and what should we be considering? Whether you lean towards modern minimalism or classic comfort, at Kitchen Kit we’re dedicated to helping you get it right. Here’s what we think is important when it comes to living room and bedroom furniture:

Living and bedroom furniture

Functional for all the family 

Modern life is busy, particularly if you have little ones in tow. Every day brings something new and unexpected, which must be absorbed by the design of our home. Whether it’s getting ready for work, ready for school, welcoming guests or taking the time to unwind, our homes must be functional for all the family so that we can make the most of our time. It’s important that your living and bedroom furniture is a part of this and can react flexibly to all your demands. Our furniture is designed to be practical without compromising on top notch aesthetic and clean lines. 

Bedroom wardrobe storage solutions

Customisable to suit your taste 

Living and bedroom furniture isn’t just about functionality; it’s about enhancing the beauty of your space. Our collection of premium bedroom furniture and living room furniture offers almost endless possibilities to create a room that resonates with your personal style. After all, why compromise when it comes to crafting the environment where you’ll spend most of your days? Whether you’re refining individual spaces or transforming an entire home, our range of customisable furniture ensures you can furnish your abode conveniently and uniquely. With a diverse selection of materials, colours, dimensions, and configurations, our pieces seamlessly integrate into your life.

Wardrobe tie rack bedroom storage furniture
Clever storage solutions 

With clever storage solutions and ways of organisation, our living room and bedroom furniture ensures there is space for everything at home. In fact, storage is one of our favourite things, because we think it forms the basis for an aesthetically pleasing space. Whether it’s a geometric coffee table with built-in storage, pull-outs for glasses and crockery, or a cabinet with an integrated wardrobe, we believe in practical design which helps you organise your life in the most relaxed way. Amongst our favourites are our signature wall-mounted units and sideboards, which are practical, easy for cleaning underneath and look nothing short of elegant. 

Living and kitchen furniture

Don’t forget the details 

The true sign of a quality product always lies within the details. Accessories such as wine glass holders, shelves for glasses and optional LED Lighting, are signs of a well-thought-out home. Our fingerprint-proof coated finishes are becoming popular, making cleaning furniture easier than ever before. High-quality leather handles can add a designer element to your furniture, whilst wooden accents throughout a room can help bring a touch of natural elegance to the home. It’s these small nuances that can elevate a house from a comfortable to an exceptional place to be in. Simple design with impeccable detail is a match made in heaven. 

To learn more about customisable living and bedroom furniture and our German-inspired designs, click here.


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