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Kitchen styles, designs, colours and layout are all things to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen. When deciding what kind of kitchen to go for, exploring kitchen styles is a great place to start. But what does your kitchen say about you?

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’. We spend the majority of our lives bustling around, making breakfast, lunches, and dinners. We wander to the fridge and stare absent-mindedly waiting for some delicious snack to jump out at us. It’s where we do homework, take zoom calls and share wine with friends. This one room really has become the epicentre of our existence, so it should stand to reason that said room should be something special. Here at Kitchen Kit it’s our pleasure to help our customers in their journey to crafting the perfect kitchen space, and we do so by supplying our wonderful customers with top-of-the-range styles from Nobilia and Ballerina kitchens. On top of this, we have a number of offers available for everyone to enjoy!

For example, you can get 20% off all Neff, Bosch or Siemens appliances that are purchased at the same time as a kitchen order! This incredible opportunity is in addition to a FREE Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine that’s worth £549. Or, if you’re in need of refreshing your countertop appliances, you can get a FREE Bosch home cooking set, which includes a kettle, toaster, mini blender and a food mixer – all worth £500. Lastly, you could choose to get £250 off a Quooker Hot Tap if in those colder months you love to snuggle down with a warm mug of tea. You can choose one from any of the above three offers when you place a kitchen order in July and August for delivery before 31st December 2023!

Our homes say a lot about us as people in general, but no room more so than the kitchen. There are myriad designs, styles, patterns and layouts that one could choose for such a room, so what does your kitchen say about you?

Minimalist kitchen

These minimalist kitchens from Nobilia are for those that love life to be simple. Clean worktops are essential for minimalist kitchen owners, so clutter is a big no no! Clever internal storage hidden behind the soft-close handleless cupboards and drawers keep worktops sparkling. Minimalists always have an eye to the future, and so their kitchen is never without the top of the range, matching appliances. Not so many as to take up space, just the essentials. These kitchens come in wood, lacquer or glass, which is perfect for those that like to keep their options simple. They don’t overdo the colour of soft furnishings, as that would be a step too far. Instead they focus on expertly placed lighting, with just the right amount of decor. Minimalist kitchens are stunning, high-quality, and designed with precision in mind.


Modern Kitchen


Country kitchen

This is where the ‘heart of the home’ saying originated. In a quaint country cottage, surrounded by rolling green hills, with the smell of a freshly baked cake wafting through the house. Opting for a country style kitchen is a testament to the love that surrounds said kitchen owner. Family time is a big part of this household, and evenings are spent gathered around the big wooden table, ready to enjoy a home-cooked meal straight from the AGA. These country style kitchens from Nobilia are ideal for those that want a traditional kitchen space, equipped with natural woods, soft furnishings and an earthy colour palette like greens, blues and taupes. The stunning glass covered cabinets for Portmeirion collections can be displayed in style. Not to mention the large farmhouse sink, great for cleaning up after baking with the kids. This space is a hug in kitchen form, and a place where everyone feels at home.


Country Kitchen Style


Coloured kitchen

This bright and bold blue kitchen design from Nobilia is just an example of what a great coloured kitchen can look like. Those opting for a statement kitchen design will want this one, as the ultra matte finish on the cabinets showcases just how much personality they have. Not to mention the recessed quartz and gold-coloured elements that add a touch of spark. The handleless cabinets and drawers means there are no clunky handles that get in the way of the overall look. A clean and simple design that has high-quality design at the core, pair this kitchen with some brightly coloured furnishings, decor and appliances to top it off, and you’ll have a brilliantly extravagant kitchen to be proud of.


Coloured finish


Modern kitchen

Whilst the majority of us are coming to terms with the modern kitchen as the new standard, there are those that have been ahead of the game for some time – leading the charge in changing the way we dine. This edgy design from Ballerina is at the forefront of excellently modern kitchen designs. High-quality materials, high-quality appliances, and even higher-quality finishes means this kitchen is for those that are 100% on trend with this changing market. Unparalleled smart storage space for crockery, cutlery and clutter shows just how clever these homeowners are, for they know how to live efficiently, without sacrificing style. Condiments are arranged in soft-close, floor-to-ceiling cabinets to make the most of the space, whilst cutlery drawers are organised with compartments, to make finding your favourite spoon that much easier! Live smarter not harder.


Modern Kitchen


Natural kitchen

Authenticity and serenity is what this homeowner is all about, for their kitchen is at one with nature. This earthy kitchen design from Ballerina is a great example of what a no-frills, no-fuss kitchen looks like when the owner wants to get back to the simple things in life. By taking things back to basics, this ‘carpenter ready’ kitchen design is ideal for those who care about the world outside. Being surrounded by natural woods, forest hues, and homegrown herb gardens are what matter to these people, and boy does this kitchen do it well. The combination of wood cabinets, stone worktops, bare brick walls and polished concrete floors take it back to materials used at the dawn of time. The large island unit is a great place for all to gather whilst cooking up a hearty pot of homemade goodness, seasoned with herbs harvested right there in the kitchen. Thanks to the extra tall cabinets and deep drawers, all signs of modern appliances can be artfully hidden away until needed.


Natural finish


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Here at Kitchen Kit we love to help our customers begin their redesign journey, with an emphasis on keeping the stress low and the excitement high. Our showroom is ready and waiting for you to peruse your next dream kitchen, where you can also speak to a member of our expert team about our offers only available throughout July and August! 

Alongside a huge 20% off all Neff, Bosch or Siemens appliances when purchasing a kitchen, you have a choice of our three additional bonus offers. Get your hands on a complimentary Siemens bean-to-cup coffee machine, a free Bosch Home Cooking Set or £250 off a Quooker Hot Tap. Realising your dream kitchen has never been easier. 

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