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Here at Kitchen Kit, we understand how great it feels to be organised, especially in the kitchen. It’s a room that sees family meal times, breakfasts before school, and home-cooked dinner nights amongst friends and family. The last thing you want to be doing amongst the chaos is to be searching aimlessly for the dried basil that ran out a week ago, or the mixing jug that never gets put back in the right cupboard. Investing time in designing and creating the perfect kitchen that works for you, with essential kitchen storage solutions, is a game changer. Your kitchen should suit you and your family’s needs, with every cupboard, and every drawer arranged exactly how you like it. We hope this concise list will get you started!

Pull-out organisation

Drawers are a staple in almost any kitchen, but are they being utilised? By integrating a planning grid within your drawers you can personalise your cutlery, pots, pans, baking trays, herbs and spices, to name just a few. Nobilia has a variety of specialised planning grids that we know will upgrade your kitchen tenfold, but why stop there? Why not consider pull-out larders and pantry drawers? Alternatively, slim drawers for cooking sauces, or drawers within drawers are both amazing kitchen storage solutions. No longer will you have to rifle through head-high cupboards for the cooking oil, or that rogue tub of vegetable stock, for it will all be laid out before you, in a handy cupboard drawer situated right next to the oven. The pantry cupboard is another handy design, where a sealed drawer can be pulled out to store fruit, vegetables and bread. This will keep your worktops clean, clear and minimalist, whilst also freeing up valuable space in the fridge.


Pull out organisation


In a modern, utopian twist, BallerinaKitchens are also encouraging the use of drawers to store homegrown herbs. As kitchen storage solutions go, this finally rockets us forward into the 21st century. A chance to grow your own herb garden in the comfort of your own kitchen, readily available to tend to whenever you are cooking up a storm in the evenings, or making your morning coffee. We also know first hand how annoying it can be when all your pots and pans are in disarray in a cupboard so dark you can’t see the back of it. Well, why not invest in a deep bottomed drawer that arranges your cookware in order of size, or in order of use. It really is completely up to you.


Herb Draw

Stationary cupboard organisation

You needn’t have fancy pull out drawers to keep your kitchen storage solutions in tip-top shape. Investing in some floor to ceiling cupboards with smart, in-built storage solutions may be all you need. A kitchen storage solution idea that will help with those shelves that seem to be overflowing with unused oils, sauces and spices is the tiered shelf. This modern day hack allows you to arrange those pesky cupboard condiments in a way that sorts them from high to low, giving you full view over each one. One particularly useful kitchen storage solution is the unit for drinks case by Nobilia Kitchens. Instead of filling up your fridge, and any spare cupboard you have, with drinks bottles, store them in this floor to ceiling crate holder until you are ready for them to be chilled. This can also be used for longlife milk, squash, wine, beer, spirits, cordials and cartons of juice. 



Fridge organisation

From in-built kitchen storage solutions, to the Mrs Hinch method of arranging your pasta, rice, lentils, beans and peas into individual, easy-to-use jars, our kitchen cupboards can be the ultimate display of organisation. But your storage solutions needn’t be restricted to the kitchen cupboards. The family fridge can be a haven for tasty treats and resplendent refreshment, when it hasn’t turned into a disorganised dungeon! So why not adopt some of these kitchen storage solutions in the chilled section of your home, and arrange your fridge shelves with as much care and attention as you would your cupboards? 



Top shelf and middle shelf

As the top shelf tends to be a little warmer than the rest of the fridge, keep leftovers and ‘ready to eat’ meals here. On the middle shelf, the coolest, keep cold cuts, cooked meats and dairy products.



Bottom shelf

Here is where you should store your raw meats, fish and poultry. Away from the rest of the fridge. Always keep it sealed in an airtight container too! This helps to keep the meat fresh and away from contaminating already cooked meats.



Fridge door

We all know by now that the door of the fridge is where the milk is stored. That and opened cartons of juice and wine. As well as condiments, like ketchup, mayonnaise and brown sauce, for example. If you have an upper shelf in the fridge door, this is a great place to store butters, cheeses, and spreads.



Fridge drawers

Fruits and vegetables are best kept in the drawers of the fridge. It keeps them moderately sealed, to keep them fresh, and away from other fridge items. It’s also handy to contain some fruits and vegetables into individual containers, like grapes and strawberries, and garlic and ginger!

We all know the benefits of investing in our kitchen storage solutions. It’s a chance to save time, energy, and money. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get started, you’ll never know how you operated with a kitchen the way that it was! Here at Kitchen Kit, we want to help you build your dream kitchen, so get in touch today.




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