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While having a kitchen installation may sound like a lot of work, the enjoyable and well-planned process has the transformative power to change your home. Both in terms of design and convenience, we want to make sure your kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the house, is exactly what you’re after. From the finer aesthetics to overall functionality, let us guide you through the simple and personable installation process we offer at Kitchen Kit.

Visit our showroom

Start by coming to say hello to us at our premier showroom in Truro. This is the ideal first step on your kitchen installation journey as all you need to do is drop in and browse at your leisure, with no need to book an appointment. Whilst you’re here, you can benefit from seeing our expansive range of kitchen styles, materials and appliances in person, from the fabulous Nobilia to the beautiful Ballerina. You will quickly find yourself being drawn to certain styles and letting your imagination run wild with the range of options on offer. Feel free to pick up a brochure or two, and if you like some of the interiors we provide, we can progress to the next stage in your kitchen installation process.

Make an appointment

This next step is crucial and often the most fun aspect of the installation process. Now you have visited our showroom and gathered some inspiration for your kitchen, it’s time to book an appointment with one of our kitchen installation professionals. Sit down with a designer and discuss both your needs and your ideas; create a mood list of colours, door fronts, worktops and functional components of your project while gaining valuable advice and insights from our experts. We try to keep it simple for now, allowing 60 to 90 minutes for your one-to-one consultation. Once you are happy with the brief for your new kitchen, it is time for us to work our magic. Over the next few days, our designer will put together a design to present to you on your next visit.

 Blue Nobilia kitchen

See your design

Here, you get to see your design on the big screen and get into the finer details of your vision. Discuss the design, colours and worktops as well as the significance of selecting the right materials for cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and flooring. We can also decide on energy-efficient and quality kitchen appliances and provide advice on coordinating these for a cohesive look throughout the room. When discussing material and appliance choices, there will be the opportunity to mention considerations for budget and sustainability too. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity so if you feel like you’d like some aspects modified or you’ve simply changed your mind on a few things, then this is no problem. Our designer can make these changes there and then and show you the effects of them, and before you know it, you’ll start perfecting the details and getting to a stage where you can visualise the kitchen in your own home. If needs be, further appointments with our designer can be made; we want to ensure you have all the time you need to talk about your requirements. After all, a kitchen is a big purchase so it’s important to make sure the design is exactly what you’re after!


This is the most exciting stage in your kitchen installation process. Once you’ve provided your final suggestions, reviewed the final design options and made any adjustments necessary with the designer, you’ll be ready; it’s time to buy your dream kitchen!

After you have paid your deposit, we will make the order and agree on the delivery and installation dates. These will depend on your own schedule and the level of work we are completing at the time. If you purchase your kitchen before 30th November, benefit from 10% off appliances and 30% off NEFF, Siemens and Bosch Venting Hobs. We can do the whole refit from building works, plastering and plumbing to a simple delivery-only option but at each stage, we offer quality and excellence when it comes to your installation.  

Stunning grey tone kitchen


With all of our sales, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure everything fits, so we will visit your home to measure everything at least once. As part of our service, we will discuss and advise any other trades on measurements and specifications. These quality checks are of the utmost importance in order to guarantee the kitchen fits perfectly in your home.

Delivery and installation

Next, is the actual delivery and installation of your kitchen by our specialist installation team. If you are having stone work surfaces, the template and installation of these will seamlessly follow the furniture installation. Throughout this step in the process, we will ensure high attention to detail, precision and professionalism so that your vision comes to life as seamlessly as possible.

Relax and enjoy your new kitchen

Finally, you can relax in your dream kitchen. There are many benefits to a well-installed kitchen, from the overall look and feel to the functional design. In fact, whether you are constantly baking for a busy household or prefer to use it as a social hub hosting loved ones, this room has the ability and versatility to seamlessly blend with and enhance your lifestyle. Invite friends and family over to make the most of this new space, spend time cooking up a storm with easy-to-use appliances, or simply sit back and enjoy the kitchen that once existed only in your imagination.

If you think your home could do with a revamp, start by visiting our showroom in Truro to look at some options for a kitchen installation. With endless options for styles, colours and appliances we have the materials and expertise to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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