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While it might seem a luxury to include the latest kitchen accessories in your new design, these brilliant must-have items could save you time in the long run. Take your kitchen to the next level with kitchen innovations worth investing in.

Kitchen innovations; Hob Extractors

Introducing Elica cooktop extractors – a revolution in kitchen ventilation. Rather than allowing cooking vapours and odours to escape into your kitchen, these innovative devices capture them right at the source – over your pots, roasters, pans or grills. By applying principles of fluid mechanics, they create a cross flow that swiftly draws in odours and airborne particles, preventing them from dispersing.

By integrating a hob extractor with your cooktop, you eliminate the need for a bulky overhead extractor. Odours are extracted immediately upon their release, reclaiming valuable space in your kitchen.

These extractors are perfect for modern kitchens that prioritise minimalist design. They use activated charcoal filters to neutralise odours effectively. Cleaning is a breeze with dishwasher-safe components that are easily removable. Plus, their whisper-quiet operation ensures no disturbances while entertaining.

The extractor automatically adjusts to cooking conditions, sparing you the hassle of manual adjustments. Embrace the future of kitchen ventilation with these efficient and space-saving hob extractors, designed to keep your kitchen fresh and stylish.

Glass Draft

Discover the next level of kitchen ventilation with Neff glass-draft extractors. Experience clear views and fresh air while you cook, thanks to advanced guided air technology. Steam and odours are swiftly extracted from across your cooktop, ensuring you can watch onions sizzle or soup simmer with clarity, no matter where they’re positioned on the hob.

Choose from downdraught models or ceiling-integrated options for a discreet extraction solution that seamlessly blends into your home’s design.

The glass panel with customizable lighting offers a multitude of colours, illuminating your cooktop beautifully.

Cleaning is effortless with easily accessible grease filters that can be removed with the push of a button and placed in the dishwasher. A filter saturation indicator lets you know when it’s time for a wash, allowing you to focus on cooking without interruption.

Enhance your cooking experience with the potion to adjust extraction levels and lighting directly from your hob. This hands-free convenience keeps your focus on cooking.

An efficient drive motor operates quietly yet powerfully, ensuring a serene kitchen environment. Now you can cook and entertain with ease while your extractor quietly maintains a clean and calm space.

Neff Glassdraft Taps

Discover the convenience and efficiency of Quooker Taps – an innovative solution that enhances safety, versatility, and time-saving in your kitchen. With revolutionary tank technology, Quooker Taps are not only safe but also energy-efficient, delivering kettle temperature water instantly.

Quooker Taps are multifunctional, catering to various tasks from making tea or coffee to blanching vegetables, sterilising baby bottles, or cleaning dirty pans. The Quooker Flex model, featuring an extendable hose, simplifies rinsing your sink or cleaning chopping boards, maximising worktop space and eliminating unsightly wires.

Maintenance is a breeze with Quooker Taps, ensuring longevity and reliability. These taps typically last between fifteen to twenty years, backed by a dedicated maintenance team offering prompt and dependable service.

With over 40 years of experience and more than 1 million installations worldwide, Quooker is the trusted leader in providing 100°C boiling, hot, cold, chilled, and sparkling water solutions.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Quooker Taps – a must-have addition to any modern kitchen, simplifying daily tasks while saving space and energy.

Kitchen innovations; Bio fresh technology fridges from Liebherr

Experience the evolution of refrigeration with Liebherr’s Bio Fresh technology fridges, where function meets aesthetics seamlessly. In today’s integrated living spaces, design is paramount, and Liebherr’s pure design language captivates with exceptional lines, elegant surfaces, and a minimalist silhouette that complements modern interiors.

At Liebherr, health is a top priority, and maintaining a balanced diet with fresh, nutrient-rich foods is essential. Their innovative freshness technology ensures optimal storage conditions for a variety of groceries, from regional cheeses to freshly caught fish, preserving their quality and flavour.

The key to a healthy diet is fresh, seasonal produce, and Liebherr’s fridges are designed to keep these ingredients at their best for longer. Whether you’re stocking up on fruits, vegetables, fish, or dairy, Liebherr refrigerators maintain the ideal storage climate to protect valuable vitamins and flavours.

Liebherr’s commitment to innovation drives them to continually enhance their solutions, ensuring perfect storage conditions that extend the lifespan of groceries while preserving their freshness. With Liebherr Bio Fresh technology, enjoy the taste and quality of just-purchased ingredients every day, without the need for daily shopping trips. Discover a new level of freshness and convenience with Liebherr fridges, where advanced technology meets culinary excellence.

So, if you’re looking to add the latest life-enhancing innovations to your kitchen, pop along to Kitchen Kit where you’ll find good advice and products to revolutionise the way you cook today and tomorrow.

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