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Whether we’re stumbling in, hair ruffled and searching for the coffee pot as the first rays of morning sunshine fill the room, or we’re setting our bags down after a long day ready to talk and eat and share, the kitchen is at the very heart of it all. While latest trends and styles still influence the way we shape our kitchens, as we spend more time here together we’re beginning to realise that when we can see ourselves reflected in the spaces around us, they begin to feel more like home. It’s those little touches that can often mean the most; favourite colours, works of art, shapes and forms that bring us joy. The kitchen is no longer made for just for function, but for fun too, and our latest collaborations with companies like Off The Wall Glass and Stylehome make finding those fun elements for the heart of your home all the easier.

One of the most appealing benefits of putting time into personalising your kitchen is that it will be entirely unique to you and your home, whether that be through a collection of stools in your favourite colours at the breakfast bar, your much-loved set of vintage inspired wine glasses proudly displayed behind glazed units alongside the recipe books that contain the family’s favourite dishes, even pendant lighting in shapes that drew you to it without explanation. It’s finding joy in the details that makes for a kitchen with personality, and the best part is if you focus on those small elements you don’t need to overhaul your entire kitchen whenever you fancy a change!

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