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Two of Kitchen Kit’s main suppliers, Nobilia and Ballerina, stand for quality and innovation in the world of domestic hardware. This is exemplified in their attention to detail, especially when given to door finishes, which they have both researched and then implemented their findings to meet customer demand. It’s a case of ‘when is a door not just a door’, but viewed as an integral part of a fixed piece of kitchen furniture that can enhance the user’s quality of life.

Here is a breakdown of some of the aspects that inform those lifestyle enhancers.

High gloss finish

Both of these German manufacturers offer the option of high gloss finishes for their doors. Nobilia boasts the NOVALUX  512, 516 and 519 that shines out due to their hard-wearing lacquer application. The finish is deeper and more glossy than regular paint. The construction of lacquered kitchen cabinets relies upon multiple thin coats of lacquer paint being applied to create an opaque and smooth appearance. For many years, lacquered kitchen cabinets have been a favourite of consumers worldwide for their reflective surface that resists moisture and stains.

Ballerina Kitchens utilise smart glass for their products with a high gloss finish. It is a relatively new material that brings certain benefits into the kitchen. Being a polymer-based glass, it combines practical properties with high quality optics. It is scratch resistant, colour and UV stable, shock-resistant, easy to clean and available in a variety of shapes.  

Nobilia Novalux

Matt finish

For those who prefer a subtler lustre then a matt or soft matt finish is available from both suppliers. Nobilia offer their ranges in a variety of shades that complement the style of their carcasses and worktops.

Ballerina produce a new super matt surface in the form of RESOPAL PRO. It is a soft touch kitchen front that is antibacterial, abrasion resistant, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, light resistant, impact resistant, heat proof as well as being extremely easy to clean.

It is available in six super-matt colours: Jura Grey, Black, Anthracite, Titanium Grey, Cool White and Premium White.

Resopal Pro

Technical specifications

Ballerina produce extremely robust kitchens due to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in their construction. SMARTGLAS is a polymer glass material that has a high-quality glass appearance and offers a good alternative to real glass. DIRECTLACK, in high gloss and matt, gives your kitchen a touch of exclusivity and luxury. The special manufacturing technology makes it particularly resistant and scratch-proof; meaning that the high-quality appearance of the surface is retained for a long time. FENIX is an extremely matt material for interior design that owes its forward-looking technological performance to its surface properties. Antibacterial properties also come as standard in their kitchens.

Nobilia’s new Senso fronts have always offered impressive features such as convenient anti-fingerprint coating, maximum durability, an ultra-soft feel and intense depth of colour.

Ballerina Kitchen


The high-quality craftsmanship and design of Nobilia’s doors, in addition to the well-thought-out fittings technology, make them amongst the best kitchen doors available.

Their modular system lets you choose from three base unit heights, five wall unit heights, four dresser unit heights, four tall unit heights and three special heights for multi-functional designs.

From receipt of goods to production and to delivery – Nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps, to guarantee the high quality of every single kitchen. In addition to the testing stations, up to 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environment and energy have been core to their company philosophy since the very beginning. Every single Nobilia kitchen meets stringent international quality, environment and energy guidelines.

Black finish kitchen

Ballerina Kitchens are an award-winning German kitchen brand, renowned for manufacturing stylish, high-quality, fitted kitchens that offer great value for money. Their offerings are versatile enough to accommodate any style of home and furnishing, whether it’s small and compact, or else a large, open-plan kitchen & living space. Ballerina, have one of the largest kitchen product ranges among manufacturers, helping create unique room solutions and turning your dream kitchen into a beautiful reality.  

Whether you prefer a high gloss or matte finish, we have the kitchen for you! Get in touch with our expert team to transform your home this new year.



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