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The Process

The process for choosing your ideal kitchen is constantly evolving, but Being Design Led is the foundation against which all decisions should be measured.

If not, then you are liable to end up with a room that isn’t fit for purpose and that will throw up its shortcomings time and again. Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen knows this. Ill-considered placement of plug sockets that render them useless unless you have a ten-metre cabled appliance; work surfaces that don’t butt-up to what they’re meant to, creating dirt ridden ravines; ‘hot-spots’ where people are continually bumping into each other; sinks that give you backache because they’re too low; draws that snag. All of these (and many more common issues) accumulate and turn your culinary creative dream into a nightmare. In the past, and in less sophisticated environments, these deficiencies were considered to be tolerably acceptable. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Six-point action plan

Kitchen Kit is proud to be at the forefront of advocating an innovative and Being Design Led approach, with their six-point action plan. The first step(1) will always be a visit to their showroom for that tactile experience that can’t be gleaned from a website, where an appointment(2) can be made with a designer who will guide you along the path to your ideal kitchen. Then, to the most important stage(3) – the design – where your ideas find form and everything gets ironed out; from which point you can confidently place your order(4). Then it’s the anticipation of delivery and installation(5) followed by that moment of calm and relaxation(6), in the kitchen of your desires.

No need to compromise 

So, let’s open up the major area of this process – Being Design Led and see what’s on offer and how you won’t need to compromise. After working through the general layout and discussing what you’d like to achieve from your workspace/social area, Kitchen Kit can then recommend and provide you with some of the most ground-breaking and quality pieces of integrated kitchen technology on the market – all of which benefit from continuous innovation, many of which you probably didn’t even know existed! Items that have Being Design Led written right through them – the embodiment of the quiet revolution in kitchen design.

Latest in hinge technology

From Nobilia come Sensy’s hinges. The latest generation of hinge technology – the silent system where cushioning is invisibly integrated, allowing doors and draws to close smoothly and noiselessly with just a gentle movement of the hand. Whereas Ballerina, the other half to Kitchen Kit’s German offering, utilises the award-winning Julius Blum CLIP top Bluemotion technology to deliver soft and effortless closing on cabinet doors. The choice will be yours. And what’s more, there are electronic activated opening systems available for both kitchen and refrigeration units, making for an altogether pleasant experience.

Drawer Organisation

Various organisational systems within those draws can be employed to accommodate anything from tin-foil rolls and herb jars to saucepans and wine bottles. Kitchen Kit recommends the Orga-Line that will integrate with their range of Ballerina of carcasses and storage units. The containers and dividers can be arranged to suit all sorts of contents and give clear visibility whilst placing everything with easy reach. Nobilia have teamed up with Kessesböhmer and are exclusive stockists of the SpaceFlexx® system available from Kitchen Kit. Storage containers are held securely within a flexible and adjustable network of dividers, meaning that draws are kept clean and their contents ordered.

All-important lighting

One area that is often overlooked and that really should be part of a totally integrated kitchen design, is the lighting. There are a tremendous number of choices available that can be aligned to available space and budgets. Again, it is vital to take advice and incorporate it with the design process. Who knew that lighting systems could be pre-drilled into cabinets to achieve a flush and subtle ambiance via a wealth of different colours, from cool to warm? There’s plinth lighting, under worktop lighting, internal automatic drawer lighting all of which can be linked to various forms of remote control. Use the LED technology to optimise working areas and create shadowless spaces or create zones of interest rather than have your kitchen bathed in one uniform light.

Remember, Being Design Led is what it’s about. Kitchen Kit subscribes to this approach and has a track record of happy customers to support it.

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